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MessagePosté le: Jeu Aoû 16, 2007 9:09 pm    Sujet du message: Versions history Répondre en citant

1.7.1 of 19/08/2007
    - Added newly X-Listed cards and corrections from the last FAQ.
    - Added a special BBCode format to the card export function. Pressing the CTRL key while clicking the export button on the card display activates this function.

1.7.0 of 03/07/2007

    - Added all cards of the Age's End set, with an unofficial french translation of gametexts.
    - Added all cards of the Treachery & Deceit set, with an unofficial french translation of gametexts.
    - Added and updated the filters for the new sets.
    - Added scratch pad content to the deck importation function.
    - Update of web links to card pictures for the HTML export function.
    - A few errors of keywords and special abilities are corrected.

1.6.0 of 17/03/2007

    - Added all cards of the Rise of Saruman set, with an unofficial french translation of gametexts.
    - Added newly X-Listed cards and corrections from the last FAQ.
    - Added saving of the last selected folder for all the open, save, import and export functions.
    - Added the scratch pad. The content of the scratch pad is saved into the deck file but does not belong to the decklist itself. It is designed to keep at hand useful cards for last-minute tweaking of the decklist.

1.5.3 of 28/01/2007

    - Added first published cards of the Rise of Saruman set, with an unofficial french translation of gametexts.
    - Added last published promo cards and 13TF1 à 13TF5 cards.
    - Added filter button and statistics for Shadow followers.
    - Added XML deck export format.
    - Corrected statistics by rarity.

1.5.2 of 03/10/2006

    - Added all cards of the Wraith Collection, with an unofficial french translation of gametexts.
    - Added a specific button to the card display screen allowing the direct export of the spoiler information for the selected card to the clipboard.
    - Added configuration saving of the formats, blocks and exclusions filters. The configuration is restored when the software is launched again.
    - Corrected the deck checking rules.
    - Corrected the spoiler format export.

1.5.1 of 18/07/2006

    - Corrected card display for the french translation.

1.5.0 of 14/07/2006

    - Added the Hunters cards in english with an unofficial french translation of gametexts.
    - Added first published card of the Wraith Collection.
    - Added all known promo cards.
    - Added filters for the new block and new card capacities.
    - Added a button (right of the Open button) allowing to :
    * open one of the last 15 decks used within the Deck Builder.
    * call a screen to search for a deck containing specific cards.
    - Updated the deck checking for the new rotated block.
    - Corrected the strength title into the filters box.

1.4.0 of 17/09/2005

    - Added Bloodlines cards in french and corrected the cards in english.
    - Added Middle-Earth draft box cards in french.
    - Added card pictures display function (please, read the chapter specific to this function in this document).
    - Complete redesign of the deck check. The deck is now checked for all formats in all blocks at once. A new screen displays an array of all the results and you can have the details just by clicking on the cell corresponding to the required format and block. Options are available to ignore warnings, check only sites coherency and check of the card quantities available into your collection (please, read the chapter about the collection management into this document).
    - Added selection persistence on the search lists.
    - Corrected the special abilities filter for some cards.
    - Corrected the culture filter buttons on the main screen in both Free Peoples and Shadow pages.
    - Removed the obsolete check options tab from the options screen.

1.3.0 of 16/07/2005

    - Added all the Bloodlines expansion cards in english.
    - Added all the Expanded Middle-earth draft box cards in english.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - Added a progress screen at program startup.
    - Added new card types and new keywords.
    - Added a delay between keystrokes for titles, numbers and gametext filters input fields to allow quick typing without too much intermediate processings.
    - Corrected the card titles filters for accentuated characters.
    - Complete redesign of the cards special abilities filters.

1.2.3 of 20/03/2005

    - Added all the Black Rider expansion cards in english and french.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - The name for the 'Rare Foil' rarity is changed to 'Legends series' and the new 'Legends Masterworks series' rarity is added for which the 'RG' label is used for card collection information instead of the Ring icon printed.
    - Added Expanded format tournament deck check. Standard tournament deck check now takes the site bloc into account to apply, or not, the card rotation introduced with the Black Rider expansion.
    - The card gametext errata and clarifications are directly included into the displayed game text. The card titles errors are kept as they are to ensure card list coherency with real cards. In any case, the FAQ text indicates the type of correction applied.
    - Modified the card block filters. These filters now allow direct filtering of Free Peoples and Shadow cards for standard and expanded tournaments and cards belonging to X-lists or restricted lists. The block selection is cumulative with the format filter. These filters are applied simultaneously to the Free Peoples and Shadow lists.
    - Added exclusion filters, also common to Free Peoples and Shadow lists.
    - The search list sort order is moved from software options to a button on the main screen.
    - The card validity indicators are modified and added to the ring-bearer and ring lists.
    These indicators now show the compatibility of the cards with the different types of tournaments :
    O for Open/Block.
    S for Standard.
    E for Expanded.
    The indicator color shows the level of compatibility :
    Green for Ok.
    Red for Restricted (Open/Block formats) or Rotation (Standard).
    Grey for forbidden.
    - Added an indicator for cards having erratum or clarification.
    - Corrected web site links.
    - Corrected some localization errors.

1.2.2 of 23/01/2005

    - Added first published cards of the Black Rider extension.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - Added last FAQ informations and X-List changes.
    - Corrected french title of cards 0P31, 1C78, 1R221 and 2R25.
    - Corrected english erratum of card 4U236.
    - Corrected the actual block name used into the program.
    - Corrected some french elements into the interface.
    - Corrected numeric filters maximum limits.

1.2.1 of 01/12/2004

    - Added french Shadows cards.
    - Corrected french gametext of 4U126.
    - Corrected french phase filters list.

1.2.0 of 11/11/2004

    - Added english Shadows cards.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - Added Shadows starters decklists.
    - Added filter buttons for the three new cultures.
    - Added new rarity types (RF and S) to the corresponding filter.
    - Added new keywords (Toil/Muster/Lurker) and card sub-type (Box) to the corresponding filters.
    - Added new special abilities filters (increase/decrease resistance, lurker and muster keywords gain, play sites, etc...)
    - Added visual indicators on card lists for tournament restricted cards :
    * The T letter indicates a card not legal for tournament.
    * The X letter indicates a card forbidden in standard tournament.
    * The R letter indicates a card forbidden in standard tournament and limited to 1 in open tournament.
    - Complete redesign of the selected sites list, including :
    * New site deletion buttons.
    * Numbered and unnumbered sites cannot be mixed (even using the deck import function).
    * Unnumbered sites can be reorganised using new buttons.
    * Addition of an unnumbered site is done into the first available slot of the list. In case of a full list, a site must be deleted before adding a new one.
    - Added last FAQ informations and X-List changes.
    - Added Restricted List decklist checking for open tournaments.
    - Added Shadows block to the checking options.
    - Added unnumbered sites checking for the new twilight cost limit.
    - Shadows sites are displayed by default.
    - Corrected the sub-type of card 5C17.
    - Corrected the french gametext of cards 5R59, 5U64, 5C65.
    - Corrected the base address of HTML image links.
    - Corrected the HTML image links of the Siege of Gondor set.

1.1.1 of 14/09/2004

    - Added french Mount Doom cards.
    - Added french 0P27 card.
    - Corrected file open and save dialog boxes.
    - Added Mount Doom starters.

1.1.0 of 25/07/2004

    - Added english Mount Doom cards.
    - Added french Reflections cards.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - Added last FAQ informations and X-List changes.
    - Added advanced filters for the site list.
    - Added new export format : Spoiler-List.
    - Corrected block filter and deck check rules for 0P50 to 0P54 cards.
    - Corrected english title of card 7U14.
    - Galadriel 9R+14 can now be selected as Ring-bearer.
    - Corrected game text of card 1R189.

1.0.9 of 14/05/2004

    - Added english Reflections cards.
    - Added french ROTK and SOG cards.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - Added last FAQ informations and X-List changes.
    - Added card set filters for Reflections and post-ROTK.
    - Added subtype filters for Maia and Tree.
    - Added signet filter values for the new 'Ring resistance' concept.
    - Added R+ rarity to corresponding filter.
    - Added direct internet links to published card images into the HTML files generated by the export function into this format.
    - Corrected french FAQ informations misplacements for ROTK cards.
    - Corrected the french translation of Enduring and Corsair keywords.

1.0.8 of 21/04/2004

    - Added a complete setup program.
    - Added card list reader DLL and sample Delphi project.
    - Added translation help and reporting tools.
    - Added first published Reflections cards in english.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - Added last FAQ informations.
    - Added partial or complete import of another decklist.
    - Added tournament legal card check.
    - Added a filter for game phase.

1.0.7 of 15/03/2004

    - Correction of the 8C109 card culture.
    - Correction of promo cards 0P50 to 0P53.

1.0.6 of 07/03/2004

    - Added last FAQ informations.
    - Added all cards of the Siege of Gondor expansion, in english only.
    - Added last published promo cards.
    - Added new keywords and characters types to the filter lists.
    - Added new filter for cards that give initiative to the Shadow.
    - Corrected the french gametext of card 6C112.
    - Corrected the gametext filter. The search is no more fooled by internal and invisible text-formatting markers.
    However, you should use the following markers for the graphical elements embedded into the gametext:
    [1] to [9] and [X] for the twilight tokens numbers.
    [culture] for the culture symbols, where 'culture' may be one of the
    following words: dunland, dwarven, elven, gandalf, gollum, gondor, isengard,
    moria, raider, ringwraith, rohan, sauron, shire.
    - Corrected the file open and save dialog boxes to keep the last used file path during the current session.

1.0.5 of 21/01/2004

    - Added the french translation of the Countdown Collection promo cards.
    - Added latest FAQ informations and updated the X-List checking rules.
    - Added the 0P27 promo card.
    - Corrected french gametext of card 2R20.
    - Corrected title of card 7R58.

1.0.4 du 24/11/2003

    - Added Apprentice identifiers for cards of the ROTK block.
    - Added filter on collection available quantity for Free Peoples and Shadow pages.
    - Corrected the unicity identifier used for card quantity check of the following cards : 6R123, 7U136, 7C137, 7U168, 7C226, 7C297 and 7C303.
    - Corrected the title of card 7R167.
    - Corrected the french gametext of card 5C74.

1.0.3 of 06/11/2003

    - Added compression to the card definitions file.
    - Added card definitions of the Return Of The King expansion and the necessary new keywords and capabilities filters.
    - Added some Promo cards.
    - Added a specific error message when the collection.txt file is not available or locked by other applications.
    - Added the decklists for all published starters.
    - Corrected the cards 3R66, 6P121.

1.0.2 of 19/10/2003

    - Added french titles and gametexts for Ents Of Fangorn expansion.
    - Added latest published Promo cards.
    - Added very first Return Of The King published cards and corresponding new filters.
    - Added collection quantities display for the draw deck lists into the main screen and the card display screen.
    A green background indicates an available quantity into the collection.
    A red background is used in the other case.
    Quantities are extracted from the 'Collection.txt' file. This file is a Tabulation-delimited text file. Each line must contain the card identifier (for example 1C123) followed by a tabulation character and the card quantity as an integer. This file may easily be generated using Excel. A typical Excel file is provided (see 'Collection.xls').
    - Improved 'About' box with complete list of contributors and donators.
    - Corrected the rarity of cards : 4C13 -> 4U13, 4U25 -> 4C25, 4U52 -> 4R52 and 4R57 -> 4U57. The .zdl files containing such cards will be automatically corrected when loaded into the software. Then you should save the file to definitely upgrade it.
    - Corrected the unexpected card selection occuring after selecting a file with a double-click when opening or saving is requested.
    - Corrected some data of cards 4U268, 4R272, 4U280, 5U78, 6R82.
    - Corrected mouse scroll button strange behaviour when switching pages.
    - Corrected english gametexts : strenght->strength.

1.0.1 of 23/09/2003

    - Added search without accentued letters for card titles.
    - Added player identifier and email fields to text export.
    - Added deck format and player identifier fields to then general information page.
    - Added a general option to print card collection number to decklist print output.
    - Added keyword filter inversion capability.
    - Added the Ring-bearer to the unique companions count inside the statistics window (but it does not count into the draw deck companions total except if other Frodo cards appear inside the draw deck).
    - Corrected the translation of the Shadow keyword filter list.
    - Corrected special abilities filters for some cards.
    - Corrected cards 1R172, 2C61.
    - Incorrect characters that may be placed into automatically-generated file names are replaced by an underscore '_' to avoid saving problems.
    - Added card collection number to the text export (file and clipboard). General information fields are modified to best match TD needs.

1.0.0 of 24/08/2003

    - Added all known 0Pxx promo cards.
    - Added comments from the last published FAQ.
    - Added collection number to the site titles listed in the main screen.
    - Added sort on card number for the deck lists.
    - Added sort orders for the source lists in the general options.
    - Added advanced filters for Free Peoples and Shadow cards on all possible characteristics of the cards.
    - Added export to delimited text file format or clipboard for tournament reports.
    - Added Apprentice .dec text file format export.
    - Added display of selected sites by clicking on the card title.
    - Filtering is quicker but with a slightly longer loading time at startup.
    - Better display of the first selected card after filter application.
    - Added filtered card number display for Free Peoples and Shadow lists.
    - Corrected the minimization button for the application.
    - Corrected sites block checking.
    - Corrected sort order labels not translated.

0.9 Beta of 27/07/2003

    - The file loading, modification and saving behaviour is now identical to the standard Windows applications.
    - Added a status bar showing the current file name and the modification state.
    - Added gametext and corrections in french for all cards except the Ents Of Fangorn expansion, not yet published.
    - Added general information fields for team, deck author, email and web site.
    - Added default values for general information fields into the software options to simplify repetitive editing tasks.
    - Added specification of automatic format for the proposed file name of new decklists inside software options.
    - Corrected the sort order of card titles with the unicity marker.
    - Corrected printout of decklists with incorrect blank pages.
    - Corrected card titles comments placed inside the decklist file.

0.8 Alpha of 07/07/2003

    - Added EOF Expansion cards, in english only for the moment. Update of french titles will come as soon as they are published.
    - Added keyword filtering.
    - Added extended statistics :
    * Number of different card titles for each type (usefull to count companions).
    * Number of cards by rarities.
    - Added notes edition screen.
    - Card type is now completly displayed in the lists. This information is now translated according the language selected for card titles.
    - Corrected the display of card type for allies with 2 homes.
    - Partial french translation of cards : titles (except EOF) and card types.
    - Added a splitter to change the size of the cards lists. This size is saved.
    - Added export in HTML format including notes and statistics.

0.7.2 Alpha of 30/06/2003

    - Added cards unicity marker to print outputs.
    - Added web site address to print outputs.
    - Added card title filter type memorization.

0.7.1 Alpha of 29/06/2003

    - Corrected the card search by start of name for unique cards.
    - Corrected card title with outnumbered double-quotes.

0.7 Alpha of 28/06/2003

    - Added card display with known errata and clarifications, only in english for the moment.
    - Added buttons for card number edition and card deletion into the selection lists. The delete button replaces the double-click.
    - Added site number display to the main sites list.
    - Correction of the card ID display for Ring-bearer and The One Ring lists.
    - Correction of the card number filter.

0.6 Alpha of 10/06/2003

    - GUI redesign :
    * Main screen can be resized (minimum of 800x600)
    * The size and position of the main screen are saved
    * All statistiques are put into a floating window. Visibility and
    position of the statistics window are saved
    * Card number is now displayed into a separate column
    * Added culture and card type columns
    * Added culture and card type filters
    * Added sort order on type and culture

0.5 Alpha of 02/06/2003

    - Complete bilingual user interface french/english.
    - Language selection for user interface and card titles are now saved.
    - No more card quantity limitation check by title in Draft format.
    - Color of print preview page background is corrected.

0.4 Alpha of 23/05/2003

    - Added sort functions for the draw decks lists into the main user interface
    - Added checking of the deck. Tournament format and sites block are defined into the software options. The check report is printable.
    - The decklist printout is now completly bilingual, depending on the language selection for the cards titles.
    - Added choice of user-definable decklist printing fonts to the options box
    - New user interface and printing design
    - New About... box Wink
    - Small little corrections
    - Main executable file is compacted using the excellent UPX tool by Markus Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar. You can find UPX on The program and all necessary files can operated from a 1.44MB 3"1/2 floppy.
    - Added the readme.txt file

0.3 Alpha of 09/05/2003

    - Added decklist printing feature
    - Some corrections into the card list
    - Correction of a buggy behaviour of the source lists while using the mouse scrolling wheel.

0.2 Alpha : never distributed

0.1 Alpha of 07/05/2003

    - First release
    - Decklist building, saving and restoring functionalities.
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